Online maps - getting started

Our Online Maps can be used to find information about your area, including your councillors, refuse collections and nearby schools. The guide will help you get started and get the most from this service.

1. Search

The simplest way to search is to enter your postcode into the search box. Select the search and a list of houses with the requested postcode will appear.

Select the house number required and the map will go to this location.

Alternatively you can enter a road name into this box as shown below. Two lines will be shown for each road found, always click on the one with three letters of post code to get a list of houses in the requested road.

The search is not case sensitive. Roads such as St. Helens Road need to be entered as shown i.e.  St. rather than Saint, and Helens rather than Helen’s.

2. Local Information

Once you have selected your address, a list of service headers will appear below. Click on a header for the service required and a list of items will appear.

Some sections have items grouped by category. Just select an item to show both this item and the selected house on the map.

Many items have links (shown in blue), a click on these links will open a new page and show further information. See illustrated example below.

Some categories will show an area within a boundary. For instance school catchment areas as shown below.

3. View all school catchment areas

If you wish to see all of the school catchment areas in the Borough click on the pin icon and then click on the boxes shown below.

If you have been searching for local information it is best to click on the map refresh button to refresh the mapping before viewing catchment areas.

To ensure clarity it is recommended that only one combination is selected at a time.  The map will change to show all of the catchment areas and you can zoom in on the area which interests you.

The example below shows primary schools in the north of the Borough.

4. Other options

The map can show some additional features. To see these click on the pin icon and then select the features as shown below.

Click on the information icon to return to the local information screen.

5. Possible Problems

At busy times it is possible that a timeout message will appear. Just click on the search button again and this will restart the search.

If you have any comments or continue to have problems please let us know at