ERDF Greening the Grey Project

In May 2018, Solihull Council was successful with a funding application to the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to improve and provide green corridors across the Borough.

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Building on the success of the Habitats and Nature Improvements project, Greening the Grey will increase people’s ability to access green space more sustainably and efficiently.

The project will improve green connections, wildlife sites and public open spaces across Solihull. It will open up and enhance existing routes and carry out verge/habitat improvements across the existing cycle network (69km) and new shared paths (23km), delivering 16 hectares of enhanced habitat. It will also deliver 23 individual enhancement schemes - ten woodlands, three wetlands and ten grassland projects within parks and open spaces, improving the habitat and value of a further 55 hectares of council-owned land.

There are three parts to this project:

  • Creating green corridors in Solihull - connecting parks, urban centres and employment sites by building green access corridors. The project will improve green infrastructure through enhancements to verges. The network will absorb CO2 emissions and help control storm water quantity and water quality to mitigate flooding and the risk of pollution. It supports biodiversity - increasing the range of wildlife - by allowing animal and flora movement.
  • Creating greener urban centres - improving green infrastructure through enhancements to parks, wetlands, woodlands and grasslands. The project will incorporate additional tree planting and create wildflower meadows. These interventions will not only improve the physical appearance of our urban centres, but will also provide habitats for wildlife and help to improve air quality.
  • Enabling a greener GBSLEP - through the delivery of a GBSLEP wide Habitats Grants Programme. This will help eligible organisations from across the GBSLEP to deliver green space and water environment improvements at a smaller scale.

Greening the Grey Projects

Small Habitats Grants Programme

Through delivery of the ERDF Small Habitats Grants Programme we are enabling a greener GBSLEP. Through the programme eligible organisations from across the GBSLEP area will be able to deliver green and blue infrastructure improvements at a smaller scale. The overall aim of the programme is to improve 20 hectares of land habitat improvement. 

Applications are now closed.

Where the project will be delivered

The programme will improve habitat quality and ecological networks by investing in identified priority sites within Solihull’s existing green space and water environment network. Creating new biodiversity links will enhance green infrastructure connectivity and prevent habitat fragmentation across the project area and wider region.


The project will take place from May 2018 to March 2023.


The project is part-funded by the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014 - 2020.

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