More Information on our Parks in Solihull

A valuable resource to any town, the parks and open spaces of Solihull are a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. Packed with playgrounds, gardens, lakes and facilities to suit all ages, they provide a natural meeting point for friends and families.

With a number of Park Events through the year too, and with many able to host community events they are the beating heart of the borough.

Caring for your parks in Solihull

The borough's parks are for everyone to enjoy and everyone to get involved with. To help keep the open spaces of Solihull clean and safe for us all to visit, it is important that we all:

  • dispose of litter in the bins provided or recycle at home
  • close gates behind us
  • respect other park users
  • observe signs and markings
  • use paths where possible
  • respect flowers and wildlife

Responsible car use in the parks

All of our parks in Solihull are open 24 hours a day to pedestrians. With car parking facilities at most parks too, which is completely free, it is important that car owners visiting the borough's parks:

  • never park on grass verges
  • do not block park entrances
  • ensure the car is locked
  • do not display valuable items

Responsible dog walking in our parks

Solihull's parks offer wide open spaces ideal for exercising your dog. A great place to have fun with your pet, dog owners have an important role to play in helping keep the parks clean and safe for everyone to enjoy by:

  • ensuring dogs wear a collar and ID tag
  • maintaining control of the dog at all times
  • removing dog waste immediately and placing it in any litter or dog waste bin provided on site
  • using short leads in play areas and when around waterfowl

Get involved with your park

If you want to help make your local space better you can contact: