Neighbourhood Activity Programme

The Neighbourhood Activity Programme (NAP) aims to change people’s lives through targeted activity in the right place for the community of Solihull. The NAP engages communities in both sports intervention and environmental improvements.

The NAP Team

Dave Turton - Neighbourhood Activity Programme Manager - - 0121 704 8339
Chris Edgell - Neighbourhood Activity Officer - - 0121 704 8517
Sarah Jones - Environmental Projects Officer - - 0121 704 6673
Shannon Cooks - Young Persons Referral Officer - - 0121 704 8517

Sports Intervention

  • use sport as a long term intervention programme
  • respond and deliver provision within crime hotspot areas as agreed by Neighbourhood Priority Setting Panel
  • provide referral pathways and one to one support for young people and families who are at risk of offending within the criminal justice system
  • providing volunteering opportunities and pathways to employment

Environmental Improvements

  • address priority projects in key areas as agreed with Environmental Project Board
  • identify projects that deliver an actual cost saving to Solihull Council
  • support members and groups of the community in relation to volunteering opportunities
  • work with the private sector to deliver corporate social responsibility community projects

NAP - What the Programme will not do

  • the programme will not complete projects that do not have a pre-agreed outcome or purpose relating to Neighbourhood Services priorities
  • deliver projects that do not have added value

NAP operates under the banner of Love Solihull. To find out more about opportunities to get involved visit Love Solihull.

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