Responsibilities for public rights of way in Solihull


Defra have provided guidance on Public Rights of Way and Covid-19.

Users of public rights of way should:

  • follow the Countryside Code as advised on the Natural England website
  • enjoy and respect the countryside
  • guard against all risk of fire
  • leave all gates as found
  • keep to public rights of way across farmland
  • use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls
  • leave livestock, crops and machinery alone
  • take all litter home
  • help to keep all water clean
  • protect wildlife, plants and trees
  • take special care on country roads
  • make no unnecessary noise

Your responsibilities on the use of public rights of way are further assisted by signage along the routes. If you notice any damage to signs, please contact us.

Dog walkers on public rights of way should:

  • keep the dog to heel and under close control at all times
  • ensure the dog does not trespass
  • adhere to bylaws of the right of way
  • ensure dogs do not concern livestock
  • clear up any dog fouling

Should a dog stray from the footpath and trespass on land, worry livestock including sheep and poultry or injure a person or other animal - the dog owner will be liable.

As the Highways Authority for the area, we are responsible for the overall management of public rights of way, meaning we will:

  • maintain the surface of highways and control vegetation
  • maintain bridges over natural water courses
  • provide signposts
  • assert and protect the public's rights to use rights of way

More extensive information can be found on our rights of way responsibilities at Natural England.

Occupiers of public rights of way have a responsibility to:

  • keep rights of way clear of any obstructions
  • cut back vegetation encroaching from the sides and above
  • keep paths clear of crops
  • ensure that stiles and gates on rights of way are maintained in good order
  • provide adequate bridges
  • ensure that cross-field footpaths and bridleways are not cultivated where possible

For more extensive information, occupiers of public rights of way should familiarise themselves with the advice from

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