Casualties on 22nd and 23rd November 1940

Second World War rescue party on exercise, 1943

Bombs were dropped in the Elmdon area, killing people in Jillcot Road, Rangoon Road and Marcot Road.

At 6 Jillcot Road a 54-year old man, Ernest Harry Harrington (see casualty sheet 8, attached right), died along with his 12-year old daughter, Joan Margaret Harrington (see casualty sheet 9, attached  right). They were both killed by the blast from a high explosive and were found at 11pm on 22nd November 1940.

At 45 Jillcott Road, Lilian Muriel Clark, aged 32, was killed on 23rd November.  There is no casualty sheet record for her so we had thought that she might have died in hospital.  However, we have been told by a neighbour of the time that she actually died in the arms of her next-door-neighbour, Mr Leaman, who had bravely gone outside after the bomb fell to see if he could help, only to find his neighbour dying.  It seems that Mrs Clark had left the area under the stairs, where her two children were safely sheltering, in order to get a drink from the kitchen. Her husband was on the doorstep of the house at the time and the force of the blast that killed his wife apparently also blew him across the road.

At 25 Rangoon Road three generations of the same family were killed.  58-year old Tom Sainsbury Woods (see casualty sheet 10, attached  right) and his 52-year old wife Martha Amelia Woods (see casualty sheet 11, attached  right) died along with their daughter, 28-year old Mrs Winifred Irene Bushell (see casualty sheet 15, attached  right), and their two-year old grand daughter Patricia Ann Bushell (see casualty sheet 14, attached  right).

Also killed at 25 Rangoon Road were Bertie Sealey (see casualty sheet 12, attached  right), aged 45, and his wife Gwendolen Sealey (see casualty sheet 13, attached  right), aged 42.  Their usual address was given as 43 Camden Street, Stoke Heath, Coventry, so they may well have moved temporarily to Solihull to escape the bombing of Coventry.  The most severe blitz on Coventry was on the night of 14th November 1940, before Solihull had suffered any fatalities, and just over a week before Mr & Mrs Sealey were killed in Elmdon. 

Also injured in this raid was Cyril Jones, aged 19, and a member of the Home Guard.  He was injured on 22nd November 1940 at home, at 91 Ulverley Green Road and died at Solihull Hospital over a month later on 20th December 1940.  According to the memories of Mrs Tomes in Solihull in Wartime (attached right), Cyril was in the hallway of his house cleaning his bicycle when he was injured by shrapnel from a bomb that scored a direct hit on a car parked opposite his house. 

Early December 1940

Two other casualties in the Commonwealth War Graves website are listed as having been reported by Solihull Urban District Council but there are no casualty sheets for them and they both died at Solihull Hospital.  A fireman from Solihull Fire Brigade, John Garbett Richards, aged 32, was injured on 3rd December 1940, at Messrs. Fisher and Ludlow Ltd., Cheapside, Birmingham and died at Solihull Hospital on 6th December 1942.  Also listed is 17-year old Sidney Wall, reported as being of 671 Stratford Road, Shirley and dying at Solihull Hospital on 5th December 1940.

No further deaths are reported then until the night of the 11th December 1940, when five people were killed.

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