Casualties on 11th and 12th December 1940

Civil Defence rescue party workers on an exercise, 1943

Burman Road, Shirley saw a number of fatalities on the night of 11th December 1940. 

At 3.15am on 12th December rescuers found the body of Ethel Frances Robbins (see casualty sheet 16, attached right), aged 57, at 64 Burman Road, Shirley, the home she shared with her widowed father.  Her 87-year old father, William Robbins, was injured and taken to Solihull Hospital, where he died the same day. 

At nearby 58 Burman Road, 41-year old Violet May Tucker (see casualty sheet 17, attached right) and her son and daughter were killed.  She was found at 6am on 12th December and the body of her 19-year old son, Robert Huntley Everest Tucker (see casualty sheet 18, attached right) was found two hours later.  Her 15-year old daughter, Betty Tucker, was injured and taken to Solihull Hospital on 12th December, where she died the same day.

There were no further air raid fatalities in Solihull urban district until 1942, when the final fatal raid occurred on the morning of 21st July 1942, killing 10 people, including all 6 members of the Pinder family.

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