Malvern Park Lido

Malvern Park Lido 1958

Malvern Park Lido was purchased by the Council at the beginning of 1954, although it had been in use as a privately-owned open-air swimming pool since at least 1944.

An article in the Warwick County News of 19th May 1951 reports on the opening of the Lido for the season and describes how the water was changed completely every four hours. The temperature of the water depended upon the amount of sunshine, as the owners of open-air pools were not then permitted to have fuel for heating them. The newspaper comments: "Only the more hardy bathers were tempted to enter the water."

Malvern Park Lido Pool 1958 As a result of increasing financial losses and structural problems requiring expensive repairs, the pool was closed in 1982. After first being considered for residential development, the site was sold to St Martin's School in 1988. The school originally planned to build an indoor pool and a drama studio on the site but plans were postponed. There was also an unsuccessful application for lottery funding to re-open the Lido in 1998.

Local people have fond memories of the Lido:

"I came to live in Marston Green in 1952 and a few years later visited Solihull Lido (adjacent to Brueton Park) when my children were quite young. There was a good-sized adult pool plus a toddlers' pool and a shop where you could purchase food and drink. Deckchairs were also supplied and we spent many happy days there, taking family and friends and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, swimmers and non-swimmers alike. It was so popular, we often had to queue up to get in but it was well worth it." (ref: Reminiscences, 2006/20)
Malvern Park Lido Pool and Fountain 1958

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