Active Travel Recovery Plan

In response to the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and re-opening of non-essential retail premises from Monday 15 June, as outlined by the government, we have been looking into ways to support and assist Solihull residents and businesses to adhere to current social distancing guidelines and encourage more active ways of travel.

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What we have done

A number of temporary measures have been introduced across Solihull. 

The measures include:

  • Reallocating road space to create wider footways where ‘pinch points’ have been identified. To enable this, some road and lane closures will be introduced along with the suspension of parking bays.
  • Continuing to install signage and markings across our town and village centres as well as our parks and open spaces. We will monitor and add to this over the coming weeks and months in response to government advice.
  • Working closely with local bus operators to aid the safe operation of bus services at busy stops. This will include separating drop-off and pick-up points at certain stops to facilitate social distancing.

Maps detailing these measures can be viewed here.

Further details about the temporary changes to road space are outlined below:

Lane Closures:

Service Road and Parking Bay Closures:

  • Mill Lane and Drury Lane, Solihull
    Temporary closure of a number of parking bays through the repositioning of town centre planters which will prevent their use. Alternative parking facilities are available in step-free-accessable multi-story car parks. Further details of which can be found here.
  • A34, Stratford Road, Shirley.
    Temporary closure of various service roads and some parking bays within Shirley along A34, Stratford Road (Between Jacey Road and Longmore Road). Alternative parking is available in a number of existing off street carparks including council car parks.

Road closures and one way systems:

  • St Alphege The Square/New Road
    Temporary Road closure of New Road (south westbound traffic only) at its junction with Park Road. Access to frontages only, no through route or town centre access from Warwick Road.
  • Homer Road from junction with Princes Way to junction with Herbert Road, Solihull.
    Create a temporary one-way system at the top of Homer Road from its junction with Princes Way to its junction with Herbert Road. This will enable the utilisation of the east bound (northern side) carriageway as a wider footway/cycleway removing the pedestrian pinch points that exist currently.


  • Blossomfield Road, Solihull
    Refresh existing cycle lane markings along the length of Blossomfield Road from its junctions with Widney Lane to Dorchester Road. Please note that with the exception of the proposed lining of Blossomfield Road, the measures identified above are intended as temporary interventions to aid the lifting of restrictions and reopening of businesses across the borough.

Please note that with the exception of the lining of Blossomfield Road, the measures identified above are intended as temporary measures to aid the lifting of restrictions and re-opening of businesses across the borough.

The impact of these measures will be closely monitored and where necessary they may be amended, removed or potentially made permanent depending on their impact over the coming weeks and months.

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