Road mirrors

Road mirrors on or next to the public highway are not normally recommended as they can be:

  • misleading at night when reflecting headlights
  • damaged by vandals or by accident
  • affected by glare from sunlight
  • sometimes obscured by condensation and dirt
  • confusing for non-local motorists
  • difficult to site satisfactorily
  • misleading due to difficulties of judging speed and distance

Private entrances

  • requests for road mirrors at or for the benefit of private entrances will not be approved and should not be put up on the public highway.
  • any mirrors put up without permission may be removed.
  • any mirror erected for the benefit of a private entrance must be sited on private land with the approval of the landowner and not interfere with use of the highway.
  • you may need to get planning permission in order to erect such a mirror.


  • whilst we would typically avoid the use of mirrors on the highway for the reasons set out above, in exceptional circumstances we may authorise their use at a junction or crossroad where both roads are public highways. Such use would only be considered where there is a clear case that the mirror would positively contribute to or address an existing road safety concern
  • any authorisation would be granted initially for a 12 month trial period. Permanent installation would be based on evidence of how effective the mirror has been as a road safety measure

If you would like to discuss road mirrors further, please contact the Highway Management Team on 0121 704 8004.

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