Road safety training in Schools and Colleges

We carry out a wide range of work with children and young people of all ages and we provide a comprehensive selection of road safety training and resources which can be borrowed by schools.

Mode Shift Stars

Modeshift STARS is the national schools awards scheme that has been established to recognise schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.

The scheme encourages schools across the country to join in a major effort to increase levels of sustainable and active travel in order to improve the health and well-being of children and young people. Every school and college in Solihull can participate in Modeshift STARS for free. If you would like more information then please contact us.

Nursery kits

Nursery kits are available for hire, free of charge. The kit contains traffic-related play equipment for a whole class and comes with a range of educational worksheets. They are suitable for children in nursery or reception. For more information contact us.

Starting Small - getting to school the easy way

The Starting Small guide shows parents and carers of young children there are many active ways to travel to and from school, thus avoiding the need to drive what is often a comparatively small distance.

Walk Smart logo


WalkSmart is a child pedestrian training scheme for children aged 6 and 7 that runs throughout the year in schools around the borough.

Children are taken out of the school environment and practice safe ways to cross roads and how to cope with traffic in the neighbourhood around their school. For more information on the training then please contact us.

Junior Travel Ambassadors

The Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) scheme is a new initiative operating in primary schools all over the borough. The main objective of the JTA role is to spread road safety and sustainable travel messages throughout the school, during the academic year,by taking part in assemblies, maintaining and updating a sustainable travel notice board and running school competitions.

Walking bus

A Walking Bus is a great idea to encourage children to adopt a healthier way to travel to school and helps tackle the problems associated with school gate parking.

The Sustainable Travel Team can help you set up a bus at your school by giving you support with route planning, risk assessments and the training of adult supervisors. If you are a parent, teacher or governor at a school and would like more information on how to set up a Walking Bus then please contact us.

Park & Stride

Park & Stride is a great initiative for schools who are experiencing a problem with parental parking outside schools.Rather than parking close to the school gates, parents are encouraged to park further away from school and walk the rest of the journey.

If this is something you feel could be of benefit to your school then please contact the Sustainable Travel Team who will be able to assist you with identifying suitable alternative parking locations, carry out a risk assessment and be able to help with publicising the scheme to parents. For further information please contact us.

School Gate Parking Packs

School gate parking around most schools causes many problems. To target this we've put together a folder of practical initiatives for schools to use to encourage parents and pupils to park further away from the school and either walk, scoot or cycle instead.

Transition - On the Move

The change between primary and secondary school has been identified as a key time when a young person's views on their future mode of transport can be most influenced.

On the Move has been designed to influence Year 6 pupils, who will be shortly moving up to secondary school, to consider travelling to their new school sustainably. The project consists of three elements; a fun booklet for all Year 6 pupils, an information leaflet for parents and a series of classroom based lessons. For more information please contact us.

Transition - How Safe Are You

Child pedestrian and cycling injuries peak during the early years of secondary school at a time when more children begin to travel to and from school unsupervised.

We have developed an intervention called 'How Safe Are You?' that will be delivered to young people during their first year at secondary school. The presentation uses a mixture of discussions, films and a quiz to challenge attitudes to risk-taking. If you would like more information please contact us.


Scootability is a fun and exciting initiative for pupils in Years 1-4 and aims to improve their knowledge on basic scooting manoeuvres as well as teaching them to have consideration for pedestrians. Scooting is becoming more appealing to young children as a way of travelling to school and is fabulously sustainable.

Cycle Training - Primary Schools

Bikeability Level 1 and 2 training is offered to all primary schools in Key Stage 2 and is designed to provide children with the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today's roads. Your child primary school can tell you more about Bikeability courses.

Cycle Training - Secondary Schools

The Sustainable Travel Team delivers a variety of cycling based activities in secondary schools including Bikeability Level 3, GCSE P.E in cycling and a BTEC Qualification in Bike Maintenance. For further information please contact us.

Young driver training

In a bid to reduce the number of collisions involving young drivers in Solihull, we run interactive, multi-agency workshops for sixth form students.

The aim is to educate and encourage good behaviour in young drivers of the future before they are legally able to drive. Students become more familiar with different aspects of driving and potential consequences for law injustice on the roads, through both theory and practicality.

Good Egg Safety Guides - In Car Guide and New Drivers Guide

Access the 20 minute Good Eggs Safety Guides for:

  • your complete guide to car child seats
  • a complete guide to getting your driving licence and keeping it

Solihull Independent Travel Training

Our Independent Travel Training Team works with young people who currently use school transport assistance. We offer personalised training to teach young people to travel to and from school on their own. The travel training is free of charge and for students in years 7 to 11.

We also provide training for people aged between 15 to 29 who qualify as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). These are personalised one to one sessions based around an individual's needs.


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