A452 Chester Road / Hedingham Grove Junction - Trial junction layout

Under an Experimental Traffic Order, the centre gap on the Chester Road (A452) dual carriageway at the Hedingham Grove Junction will be closed from Sunday18 August 2019.

This trial closure will prevent right turns into and right turns out of Hedingham Grove. During this time road users will still be able to access Chelmund’s Cross via left turns in and out from the northbound carriageway.

The experimental order is being trialled in response to the growing issue of congestion along this busy stretch of road. A recent traffic review identified closing this centre gap as an effective option for increasing traffic flow by up to 50% at peak times and reducing congestion. It is also anticipated that the trial closure will help reduce waiting times for pedestrians crossing the Chester Road.

Introducing these changes under an experimental closure will allow us to review the impact of the new arrangements against the improvements suggested by the modelling.  The data and views collected throughout the trial will be used to assist the Council in developing options that will deliver more long-term improvement to the junction and the A452, in line with our network management duty.

In order to gather feedback from local residents and road users we have launched a short survey, which will help inform any future decisions taken about the road layout.

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Local Residents

Drivers / Commuters


Why are you carrying out a trial?

How will I be affected by the trial?

How long will the trial be in place?

How can I comment on the effectiveness of the Trial?

How will I know the result of the trial?

Are you going to remove the cycle lane?

How will this impact on cyclists?

Are you going to reinstate two lanes for traffic?


During the trial the Chester Road will remain one lane. However ongoing studies may consider this option.

Is this going to increase traffic on Carisbrooke Ave?

Some additional traffic currently turning right into and out of Hedingham Grove may re-route to Chelmsley Road / Carisbrooke Avenue. However, the current traffic counts indicate that this is relatively low.

Will this affect parking in Chelmund’s Cross?

There will be no effect on the capacity of parking in Chelmunds Cross.

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