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Storm drain

If you are concerned about a blocked gully you can report it. We aim to attend to reactive requests each Friday.

Please note that a request to cleanse a blocked gully is not the same as a request to mechanically sweep a road, which requires different machinery and can be reported here.

During times of heavy rain some gullies may overflow temporarily while the build up of water drains away. If, when the rain stops, the gully clears then it may not be blocked. Please consider this when reporting a problem and also make a note of if:

  • the gully is located at the bottom of a hill
  • the gully is covered in leaves/litter
  • there is a car parked over the gully


A blocked gully is considered an emergency when:

  • it poses a serious risk to public safety
  • it is causing flooding at a property

If the problem with the gully is an emergency please call 0121 704 8004.

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