Fees for Planning Permission & Building Regulations approval

In most cases fees are chargeable for seeking Planning Permission and Building Control approval. Designed to recover the cost of the service provision, only those using the services are charged.

How much does it cost to apply for Planning Permission?

Most Planning Permission applications cost a fee. However, there is no charge for applications for works taking place in Conservation Areas, on Listed Buildings or trees protected by a protection orders (TPOs).

The standard charge for most householder Planning Permission applications is presently £206. A full list of Planning Permission application fees can be seen here.

The Planning Portal has an online Planning Permission fee calculator to help you work out exactly how much your application will cost.

How much are Building Regulation charges?

In order to obtain Building Regulations approval, an application will need to be made and the relevant fee paid. Most works will attract set fees, though for some more creative building works additional charges, as relevant to the costs involved in the service, may be charged.

A full list of current Building Regulations charges can be seen here whilst there are also supplementary charges which may be relevant to your application:

You can also contact us to discuss how much your application will cost.

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