Assisted collections

If you need help putting your bins and containers out you can apply for an assisted collection.


To apply for an assisted collection you must:

  • be physically unable to put out your bins and containers
  • have no-one else who can help you

How to apply

Start assistance

If you are eligible you will receive assistance from your next scheduled collection as long as you provide notice of two working days. 

Your bins and containers must be left at the front of your property so they can be easily seen and accessed by our collection staff. You can help us return the right bins and containers to your property if you mark them with your house number.

I no longer need an assisted collection

You can stop assistance online.

Stop assistance


  • assisted collections are reviewed regularly renewal applications will be sent to you
  • the service may stop if the criteria of the renewal application are not met
  • if we do not receive your application we will automatically remove your address from the assisted collection list

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