Bulky waste collections Terms and Conditions

Solihull provides a chargeable bulky waste collection service. You can view our fees and book a collection at www.solihull.gov.uk/Resident/Rubbish-recycling/bulkywastecollection.

By using this service to dispose of your unwanted items you will be fulfilling your obligations under the Householder Duty of Care for waste.

The terms and conditions applicable to the delivery of the bulky waste collection service are provided in the following sections;

Preparing for the collection - what you need to do

  • the items must be outside your property awaiting collection by 7.30am on the day of collection, as near to the kerbside as possible, and should be clearly seen from the road and easily accessible for the collection vehicle
  • if the item comes apart, then each separate piece is classed as one item - for example a corner sofa that comes apart into two sections would be two items
  • gates should be left unlocked, dogs should be kept inside the property and parked cars should not obstruct items
  • items that can get heavy when wet e.g. soft furnishings and mattresses, should be kept dry to ensure that the collection crew can remove them
  • all food should be removed from fridge/freezers and the doors should be taped shut
  • items such as carpets or broken furniture must be rolled, securely tied or bundled together and doors taped shut
  • items for collection should not be filled with other rubbish
  • you do not have to be home when we collect

Collection - what we will do

  • we reserve the right to refuse the collection of items measuring in excess of 2.0metres (6ft 6in)
  • we reserve the right to leave excessively heavy items that cannot be safely lifted - manoeuvred by the two man team (items in excess of 50kg). If an item is considered too heavy to lift it will not be taken and no refund will be provided
  • bulky waste collections are provided for the collection of household waste only - the service is not available to landlords clearing rented properties as this is classified as commercial waste
  • only the items of waste listed on your booking will be collected - we will not collect any additional items presented or any different items to those originally listed
  • we will collect a maximum of ten black bags of household waste per collection. Please note that black bags cannot contain paint or hazardous waste as they are unacceptable items
  • we may send an Officer to inspect items and their collection point prior to the collection and we retain the right to refuse a collection
  • if the items are not made available on the day of collection, we will leave you a card telling you that we have called; if this occurs you will not be eligible for a refund. We can organise a further collection if this is required, however you will need to pay for the new booking
  • for verification purposes we may also take a photograph where items have not been presented, or where additional or different items to those booked have been left for collection

Collection - what we will not do

  • we do not go into back gardens to collect items nor do we collect from gated alleyways
  • we will not collect commercial waste or business waste or collect from commercial or business premises.
  • the collection team will not dismantle furniture, disconnect cookers (or other household furniture) or remove loose waste
  • we do not collect items from inside properties, garages or garden sheds
  • the collection team will not carry items up or down steps or from properties via lifts
  • we cannot specify collection times
  • we do not offer a house clearance service
  • we will not collect more than 10 items on one visit

Amendments to the booking

  • if you wish to change or add items, please contact us by midday at the latest on the working day before your collection by calling 0121 704 8000
  • please be aware that adding or changing items may result in an additional charge for the service


  • If you wish to cancel, please contact us by midday at the latest on the working day before your collection by calling 0121 704 8000. Cancellations after this time will not be eligible for a refund.


  • if your items are removed by a scrap or other third party collector on the day of collection - we will not provide a refund for your booking
  • we reserve the right to leave excessively heavy items that cannot be safely lifted and manoeuvred by the two man team. If an item is considered too heavy to lift it will not be taken and no refund will be provided
  • whilst every effort will be made to collect on the date booked this may be delayed due to unforeseen or exceptional circumstances. Where collections are delayed they will be rescheduled at the next earliest available opportunity but no refund is given because of such delays

Retailer recycling schemes

If you are buying new white goods (such as fridges and freezers or even large items of furniture) speak to the company you are purchasing from and see if they can remove your old item. Sometimes this will be provided free of charge and other times they may charge a small fee.

Service delivery statement

  • the Council reserves the right to make reasonable amendments to these terms and conditions. Notification of the amendments will be noted on our website
  • by paying for the service you accept these terms and conditions

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