Flats recycling

Depending on the property type, we provide different types of recycling to flats. Some flats have their own containers for recycling, whereas at other properties we provide shared recycling containers. The following information is for flats that have shared recycling containers.

Refuse and recycling calendar

If you live in a flat or apartment please complete our online form to receive your refuse and recycling calendar.

What you can recycle

We supply blue wheelie bins with different coloured lids labelled as:

You can now place your paper, card and cardboard, plastic bottles, food pots and trays, tins and cans in either the bin with the red lid, blue lid or grey lid as we now collect these materials together.

Please note that all recycling has to be placed loose into the recycling bins - we are unable to accept recycling in carrier bags.

Please do not place big items of rubbish in the bin area. It may prevent us from collecting your recycling and rubbish.

If the wrong items are placed into the recycling bins, we will not be able to empty them. Our no thank you list outlines some of the wrong items.

Collection dates

Recycling is collected once a fortnight.

To check your collection dates please contact us at or call 0121 704 8000.

Apply for bins

To apply for bins please contact us at or call 0121 704 8000.

If your recycling bins become too full, we will look at providing more recycling facilities. 

You can also contact us if you have a shared rubbish bin and would like recycling facilities.

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