Reduce, reuse, recycle

There are many different ways to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.

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It only takes a few small steps to reduce your household waste.

You can reduce the amount of junk mail you get by signing up to the Mail Preference Service or opting out of receiving unaddressed post with Royal Mail.

If you are throwing out lots of food why not look at Love Food Hate Waste? The average family could save around £60 a month by just changing a few habits.

Did you know that some packaging can help keep food fresher for longer, however there are other types of packaging that do not extend the shelf life of food.

Get composting

Transform your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden by composting. It's easy to make and use.

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Many items get thrown away, when all they need is a little love and imagination to create something new through reuse. For ideas and inspiration visit RecycleNow.

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Energy and resources can be saved and the environment helped hugely by recycling. To get the most of your rubbish use RecycleNows A to Z.

Find your nearest other recycling facility - (Just enter your postcode in the 'Recycling locations')

For information on electrical items please visit Repic Responsible Recycling.

What happens to my household recycling?

Many of us wonder what happens to the items we place in our recycling containers.

Recycling we collect is taken to Bickenhill Household Waste Recycling Centre where is it is stored in bays - one for glass and the other for the mixed recycling. An articulated lorry collects the mixed recycling and it is then taken to the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility). At the MRF materials are separated into individual streams such as paper or card and sent on for further reprocessing and recycling.

Find out what happens to the materials you recycle and where the collected materials are sent for reprocessing from:

What happens to my household rubbish?

All household rubbish collected from black wheelie bins, purple sacks and communal rubbish bins is disposed of at a Waste to Energy plant in Coventry, that Solihull Council part own.

Electricity is produced by the treatment facility - this is used to power the plant and surplus is sold to the National Grid. The heat generated is used to heat buildings in Coventry City Centre including the Cathedral.

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