English as an additional language

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Service works with schools and families to support both early stage EAL learners and more advanced bilingual/multilingual learners in relation to the acquisition of English.

The main aims of the Service are to provide:

  • support for new arrivals who have been identified as requiring additional language or curriculum support;
  • information for and consultation with parents concerning their child’s acquisition of English and ways in which they may help;
  • advice for schools on the data collection and tracking of all EAL learners including advanced bilingual/multilingual learners;
  • advice to schools and other support services on distinguishing the difference between Special Educational Needs and additional language needs of bilingual/multilingual learners;
  • guidance and training for schools and LA on all aspects of bilingualism/multilingualism

Further information, support and advice are obtained via notification request by school.

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