Domestic abuse

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This is a difficult and challenging time for everyone however there is still help, advice and support for anyone that is experiencing domestic abuse. If you are at immediate risk you must still ring 999. Find details of where and how to get free, confidential advice and support here.

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If you are experiencing abuse and need immediate help call 999. Move to a safe place, stay near a door for a quick escape and if in doubt, get out.

Domestic abuse is a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviour. The abuse is not just physical but includes emotional, sexual, financial and psychological abuse. You can be experiencing domestic abuse if you are living in fear of your partner or a family member, if they regularly keep you without money, stop you seeing your family or friends, controls what you wear and where you go or makes you feel bad about yourself.

Anyone forced to alter their behaviour because they’re frightened of someone’s reaction is being abused.


Types of abuse

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone


Get help and advice

Domestic abuse is a crime. If you need support we can help


Children and young people

Most children and young people who live with domestic abuse know it's happening

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Information and advice if you work with victims of domestic abuse

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