Energy efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of your home helps reduce damaging carbon emissions and saves you money by cutting your energy bills.

Government agrees measures with energy industry to support vulnerable people through COVID-19

New emergency measures with the energy industry have been agreed by the government to protect the domestic energy supply of those most in need during the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Customers with pre-payment meters who may not be able to add credit can speak to their supplier about options to keep them supplied.

This could include nominating a third party for credit top ups, having a discretionary fund added to their credit, or being sent a pre-loaded top up card so that their supply is not interrupted.

More broadly, any energy customer in financial distress will also be supported by their supplier, which could include debt repayments and bill payments being reassessed, reduced or paused where necessary, while disconnection of credit meters will be completely suspended

Customers that are unable to top up their pre-payment meter are advised to contact their supplier immediately to discuss how they can be kept on supply. Ofgem recommends consumers leave the meter box unlocked if they need someone else to top up the meter. Smart meter customers should be able to top-up remotely, such as by phone, mobile application or online.

Solihull Switch ‘n’ Save

Solihull Switch ‘n’ Save logo

“Switch ’n’ Save" is a scheme to help residents of Solihull find cheaper gas and electricity.

Residents who signed up to the first round of the scheme in 2015 were offered average savings on their energy bills of £265.

To register, all you have to do is have a recent energy bill to hand.

Once you have registered you will receive an email or letter detailing your new energy offer and your estimated annual saving.

You can then decide whether to Switch and Save. There are no obligations and it’s completely free.

Let Solihull Council do the hard work for you, you’ve got nothing to lose by registering your details and you may end up having some extra cash in your pocket.

You could qualify for new central heating

Solihull Council, working with Dodd Group and Act on Energy, is starting a new project offering some residents free gas central heating.

The project will focus on the installation of first time gas central heating to homes where gas is not the primary heating source. So, if you don’t currently have gas central heating and think you might be eligible for this scheme then please get in touch.

Where electricity is used for heating we will be replacing this with gas condensing boilers with the aim of:

  • improving energy efficiency, and
  • reducing the running costs for residents

The project will support households from fuel poor areas or those on low incomes. The aim is to help improve the health of local people which could be made worse by living in a cold home.

We will be providing support for up to 125 owner-occupied households using external funding from National Grid.

For further information about this project, or to register your interest, either:

Saving energy

There are many simple measures you can take to save energy, such as:

  • switching off lights and equipment (not leaving them on standby)
  • using energy saving light bulbs
  • turning down the heating and wearing extra clothing
  • only heating the rooms you use and closing doors between rooms

Other measures are more expensive but can save you money in the long term. They may include:

  • installing insulation
  • draught proofing
  • double glazing
  • condensing boilers
  • flexible heating controls
  • renewable energy technologies like solar PV and hot water systems

For free independent advice about saving energy in the home please contact Act on Energy.


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