Sheltered and Extra Care housing

Sheltered housing

There are various types of sheltered housing schemes. Most have a scheme manager or warden who lives onsite or offsite, and normally they provide 24 hour emergency help through an alarm system.

Schemes usually have between 20 and 40 self-contained flats or bungalows, and most have communal areas, such as a communal lounge, laundry room and shared garden. Many schemes run social events for residents or support residents to organise social events together.

If you need more support, extra-care sheltered housing may be your preferred option. This allows you more independence than living in a care home, as you would still live in a self-contained flat but would have your meals provided and may also receive personal care.

What are my options?

You can rent or buy sheltered housing. It is mainly housing associations that provide rented sheltered housing in Solihull. Most have their own allocation policy based on need but further details are available through Solihull Community Housing’s Home Options Team on 0121 717 1515.

Extra Care housing

Extra care housing offers a new way of supporting you to live independently for as long as you possibly can. It gives you the privacy and security of a home of your own; a range of facilities on the premises; and access to 24 hour care and support services should you need this.

Some extra care schemes have a mixture of rented and owner occupied properties, including low cost home ownership options, but each scheme is different.

Extra care can cater for a wide range of needs but is suitable for people with health problems as well as those who are healthier when they move in.

Solihull has several extra care schemes, including those for older people and those for adults with learning disabilities.

Our strategy

We intend to commission extra care services which promotes extra care as:

Purpose-designed self-contained accommodation with your own front door but with opportunities to be part of a community (there will be communal space, facilities and activities, and the scheme should have links to the wider local community) and receive care and support (there is normally 24/7 on-site care).

Extra care housing can provide as much care as a registered residential care service and can meet the same complexity and intensity of an individual’s needs, while maximising the benefits of the latest assistive technology.

Residents will usually have a range of ages, abilities and care and support needs and this type of service may be considered to provide suitable accommodation for people whose needs are anywhere between general-purpose housing and residential care.

What are my options?

You can rent or buy extra care housing. If you have care needs and are interested in extra care housing you should contact the Solihull Social Services team on 0121 704 8007.

Alternatively, you can contact Solihull Community Housing’s Home Options Team on 0121 717 1515 to discuss your housing needs.


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