School gate parking packs

School gate parking around most schools causes many problems. To target this we've put together a folder of practical initiatives for schools to use to encourage parents and pupils to park further away from the school and either walk, scoot or cycle instead.

The leaflets stress the benefits of children walking part, or their entire journey in terms of better health and alertness. They also promote increased awareness of traffic which will be a valuable preparation for the different journeys children will make when they attend a secondary school.

See the list below for downloadable links:

  • the booklet 'A Guide To The Walking Bus' - explains how they work and the way to set them up, we will support you and carry out a risk assessment of the route
  • the booklet 'Park and Stride' - outlines the benefits of the walking part of the journey to school and explains how to set up these schemes, the leaflet is especially useful to pupils living over a mile away from school
  • Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy 2017-2020 leaflet - summarises the initiatives promoted by Solihull Sustainable Travel Team, that aim to improve children's health and well being, as well as reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality
  • Scootability - an exciting initiative for Years 1 - 4 pupils to encourage them to use scooters safely, off road, with consideration for pedestrians
  • The Fit Factor - a 6 week cycling/walking challenge, emphasising the benefits to pupils of travelling this way to their school, once a week. When pupils complete this challenge, they are rewarded with a brightly coloured Fit Factor badge
  • Stroll 'n' Roll - a new programme encouraging children to walk, ride or scoot to school and will be launched in schools soon. It is a school-wide competition and classes compete against each other to see which class is the best at travelling to school without a car
  • Are you a school gate parker? & Cars and kids don't mix - two learners which are designed to encourage parents to park away from areas where children have to cross the road, near to their school. Give these out to parents who drive. In addition banners entitled Cars & Kids don't mix are available for loan, to display near to school entrances.