Applying for a place at other times

Applying for a place at other times

How to apply for a place at a Solihull primary, infant, junior or secondary school at any time after the normal intake.

Application form

As many Solihull schools are full you should contact us at about places. You can send your application at any time before you have moved.

We will process your application six school weeks (half a term) before your requested start date. We will not use your new address until you have moved in and sent us the required proof of your move, this should include proof that you have sold or rented out your previous home. We will not consider a letter of intention to purchase as proof that you are moving.

You can find out about catchment areas and measure your distance from home to a school by using our online maps. If you move into a catchment area for a school there is no guarantee you will be offered a place. If the school is full your child will not we will not be able to offer a place, but living in the catchment area will give you a higher priority on the waiting list.

Before applying for a school place you should first speak to your child’s school about the problem. You can do this by arranging an appointment with the head teacher, head of year or your child’s form tutor/class teacher to discuss your concerns. They should use the school’s behaviour policy to plan how they will provide help and advice.

If you are and the school are unable to find a solution you can fill in an application form for a place that must be taken to your child’s current or most recent school to have section 2 filled in. If your circumstances are complex this will take us longer to process your application.

Moving children after their GCSE options have been chosen can put them at a disadvantage as not all schools follow the same courses.

We will not process applications for moving during year 10 or 11 unless a house move means travelling to school is impossible. You must provide details of the subjects being studied, the examination boards and predicted grades.

Application form

Once we’ve completed your application we’ll contact your preferred schools to find out if there is a place.

If you are offered a place you should contact the school to accept the offer and arrange a start date. Your child will be expected to start within six school weeks. You should phone us if you do not want to accept the place.

If you are applying for a nursery place you need to contact the nursery directly.

If you are not offered a place at one of your preferred schools you can phone us on 0121 704 6693 and have your child’s name added to the waiting list. To stay on the list you must contact us the week before every school holiday. If you do not contact us your child’s name will be removed from the list. You may be asked to fill in a new form after a year.

Your application will be given a priority and put on the waiting list. Waiting lists are in order of priority against a school’s admission criteria. Your child will move down a waiting list if another child with a higher priority joins the list. If there is a place at the school this will be offered to the top of the waiting list. In some cases offers will be made during a school term.

If you are not happy with the result of your application you can appeal against the decision.

If your child has an education, health and care (EHC) plan there is a different process. You should contact our statutory assessment and review team for advice on 0121 704 6690.