Children missing education service

Every child in Solihull has a right to a good education. We aim to track down pupils who go missing from school.

Who are Children Missing Education (CME)?

Children Missing Education could be children over the age of five who:

  • Are not on a school roll
  • Are not receiving any type of education out of school, such as home schooling
  • Have not been receiving education for a long period of time

What to do if you are concerned?

If you know or suspect a child is missing from education you should let us know straight away.

You do not have to provide your name or contact details if you don’t want to.

You can contact us by:


If you work outside of school with children you can let us know about any concerns by completing a professional referral.

Complete a professional referral


If a child on your school roll:

  • has stopped attending school;
  • has not been in contact;
  • has an unknown address;

You can complete a CME referral.

Complete a schools referral

If you have worked with us to find a child and its been over 20 working days it may be appropriate to remove the child from your school roll. You should contact us before this happens by:

If the child is not on the roll of your school please complete a professional referral.

Complete a professional referral