Exclusion from School

Exclusion can be the last resort if your child is not behaving at school. We can provide advice to schools and parents about exclusion

What are exclusions?

If your child is seriously misbehaving they can be taken out of school.

There are two types of exclusions:

  • A fixed period exclusion when your child cannot go to school for a set number of days
  • A permanent exclusion when your child is expelled and cannot go back to the same school

Your child’s school must tell you in writing:

  • What caused the exclusion
  • If the exclusion if fixed or permanent

If you disagree with the decision you will also be told how to challenge it.

Gov.UK provides advice on:

Request an independent review

If you have challenge a permanent exclusion and it’s not overturned by the school governors you can ask for an independent review.

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