Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection

The first Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection took place on Thursday 17 March 2022.

Set up by national charity Skills for Care and 20 partner organisations, the day was an opportunity to say thank you to everyone who works in adult social care and to remember the people who lost their lives while caring for others.  It was a day to think about people working in care homes or providing care in people’s own homes, personal assistants, people who work in housing with care (also known as extra care or supported living) as well as social workers, occupational therapists, day opportunities staff and all other roles in adult social care. 

Social Care Day was a chance to reflect on their dedication and sacrifice to keep others safe and to think about what everybody working together has achieved.

On the national Thank you (tribute) wall and Memorial wall you can read people's stories illustrating the commitments and sacrifices our adult social care workforce has made.

You can still leave a message on the Thank you wall or in one of the local thank you post boxes at the Core Library and Chelmsley Wood Library

These ensure that people who don’t have access to the internet or prefer to leave a message locally can also get involved. The boxes are available until the end of March.  Messages are published on this page and shared with care providers.

Messages for people working in adult social care in Solihull

From Councillor Karen Grinsell:

As Deputy Leader and as Chair of Health and Wellbeing Board, I have seen so many examples of extraordinary commitment, professionalism, skill and resilience across social care and health services in Solihull, throughout the pandemic. Today we particularly celebrate and recognise the contribution of all social care workers.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, our social care workers continued to provide care, support and reassurance when people were frightened, when people were sick with COVID-19 and when people were more isolated than ever before. Often, our social care staff may have been the only people that some of our older residents saw for weeks on end during lockdown, providing not only care but a friendly face as well. We do not underestimate the sacrifice, commitment and skill that has been demonstrated by the whole workforce and I add my heartfelt thanks and recognition for this outstanding contribution.

From Councillor Tony Dicicco, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health:

The past couple of years have been an unprecedented time. I was privileged to become the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health in 2021 and have seen first hand the care, kindness and sacrifice across the social care sector. Everyone working across social care has shown skill, compassion, tenacity and above all a great deal of kindness. This day recognises the dedication, bravery and compassion of our wonderful social care workers and celebrates the vital work that the social care sector continues to undertake, day and night, across our borough.  Thank you to all our social care staff across Solihull, we are forever grateful for your essential contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Jenny Wood, Director of Adult Social Care and Support:

I would like to send my deep and sincere thanks, recognition and praise to everyone working in adult social care and supporting people who live in Solihull.  Your extraordinary efforts to provide safe and compassionate care during the pandemic reflect the selflessness, care and kindness I have seen demonstrated over and over again during the pandemic.   

Under extreme pressure, and often at some cost to your own family lives, you have worked hard and responded to the complexities of keeping people safe.  You have been the cheerful face of reliable support when so much else was limited, and the resilience you have shown to maintain a good quality of life and high standards of care for Solihull residents has meant that people have continued to be supported at a time when this was needed more than ever.  On Social Care Day we remember and recognise the dedication, commitment, sacrifice and contribution of everyone in social care. It may have been the most difficult of times, but the positive difference you have made has been extraordinary and life-changing. THANK YOU to each and every person in social care.

From Karen Murphy, Assistant Director Strategic Commissioning and Partnerships: 

To every care provider in Solihull who supported local people during the COVID-19 pandemic, my heartfelt thanks.  Personal assistants, care at home workers, day and community support workers and residential and care home teams, registered managers, cooks, cleaners and support staff responded selflessly with compassion and dedication.  Many of you put your own needs aside, spending time with those isolated, sick or fearful at the expense of time with your families and some risk to you own health.

You provided companionship and reassurance when there was no one for some.  You maintained personal care to allow people to live with dignity when so much of ordinary life had been lost.  For those people at the end of their lives, I am grateful that you were there with kindness and comfort.  Every day was humbling to hear of your challenges, your persistence and your determination to do the right thing.  Thank you isn’t enough – you did remarkable things, quietly, privately.

From Vicky White, Reablement Team Supervisor:

A big thank you to all the reablement team working within SMBC.  We pulled together as a team, the support workers worked like troopers and were named ‘our angels’ as their dedication shone - as they continued to work through those difficult times, ensuring all Solihull residents who required the service were shown dignity and care at all times.

From Amanda Danks, Warehousing & Logistics Supervisor:

I would like to thank and recognise all the hard work and dedication my team of store men and drivers showed during very difficult and stressful times, giving up evenings and weekends to ensure our Solihull residents are safe and supporting the hospitals in their needs. We also saw a huge increase of end of life clients wishing to return home to their families for their last hours and the compassion and empathy the whole team showed to ensure equipment was in homes in time for these families was purely humbling.

I understand we experienced some very difficult and upsetting situations however together we supported each other and I am very proud of my team.

From Marvia Parchment, Social Worker - Community Older People’s Team

I would like to say a very big Thank You to all my fellow colleagues in the Community Older Adults Team, who irrespective of the difficult situation we all found ourselves in, continued to offer their ears, support, advice and motivation, enabling me and the team to maintain in my opinion, an excellence service to our community.

From all the management team at Elite Assistance:

Today we mark the very first day of Social Care and Remembrance Day. As a community may we all join together to celebrate the extraordinary efforts of not only the care staff from Elite but those across the whole of the borough and in fact the country, who have worked tirelessly to provide an outstanding level of care in such adverse circumstances.

Particularly over the past two years, our fabulous carers have gone over and above the call of duty to ensure that those we care for continue to receive nothing but the best care. When families couldn't visit, when hands couldn't be held, when shopping couldn't be done and when medical professionals wouldn't visit - we were there. We were their people.

When we were all scared to go out to work, no vaccine was in sight, they continued to show up. Every single day. Despite their own fears and those of their families, above anything else their services users came first. Elite staff have shown resilience, empathy, professionalism and we couldn't be prouder of each and every one of them. The sacrifice they've given is nothing but remarkable and unfortunately unless you've been in their shoes, words can't come close to just how difficult it's been.

We appreciate you. We appreciate your hard work, the long hours and the heavy hearts.

Thank you - thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Anonymous messages from the thank you postboxes

Thank you for all you did for this borough throughout COVID.  You make us very proud.

Thanks for all you do for us in Solihull, helping to keep it a great place in which to live.

You made us really proud - proud of our borough, proud of our efforts, proud of you.

About Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection

You can read more about the national event on the Skills for Care website and watch a special film they have created to share stories from people working across different settings in social care, discussing their experiences during the pandemic.