Accessible public transport

Solihull has good public transport connections, with a comprehensive service and excellent accessibility to buses and trains.

With the airport in the borough too, here is everything you need to know about using public transport and the help available.

Accessible travel in Solihull

Most buses in Solihull and across the West Midlands are accessible to disabled passengers and all new single deck and double deck buses and coaches meet current regulations. This means they are low floor and wheelchair accessible, as well as featuring:

  • bright colour contrasting handrails
  • space for 1 wheelchair user
  • space for parents with buggies
  • kneeling suspension to lower the front step - operated by the driver on request
  • wheelchair ramp
  • flat wide entrance without steps
  • priority seats for disabled passengers

More information about accessible travel, and further initiatives to improve the accessibility of buses, is available from the Transport for West Midlands website.

Accessible travel for registered blind

The real time information screens located at bus stops, bus stands and within bus stations are equipped with RNIB React facilities.

RNIB REACT technology is a talking sign system which allows blind or partially sighted bus passengers to hear the information being displayed on the real time information screens.

To operate them, you need an RNIB key fob supplied by Network West Midlands:

  • through its website
  • from the customer contact centre on 0121 214 7214 Monday to Thursday from 8.45am to 5.15pm

Solihull bus travel

Information about bus services in and around Solihull can be found on the Transport for West Midlands website.

Here you will be able to search for:

  • bus timetable information
  • bus routes
  • bus travel zones
  • the latest travel maps
  • ticket information

You can also learn about Solihull’s Park and Ride service.

Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) Travel Training Team

A brand new free of charge service is now up and running. Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) provides independent travel training if you are under 29 years old and living in Solihull or Birmingham.

NEET Team offer personalised one to one sessions based around an individual's specific needs that teach a person how to travel to and from a destination on their own.

Being able to access public transport helps people make their own choices about how they live and what they want to achieve. Our travel trainers work at the pace of the individual every day to develop on their skills and confidence.

If you would like to participate in NEET travel training please apply online.

You can contact NEET training by:

Solihull train travel

Information about train services in and around Solihull can also be found on the Transport for West Midlands website.

Here you can search for:

  • train timetable information
  • maps and zone information
  • latest departure and arrival times
  • up to date ticket information

You can also learn about rail facilities from the stations where you’re travelling from and to.

Not all train stations are accessible to disabled people or those with restricted mobility.

To ensure a problem free journey you should contact the train company you are travelling with to arrange for assistance on your journey.

National Rail Enquiries has contact details for all train operators in the UK.

The AccessAble is also ideal for checking your route and planning a day out.

Birmingham Airport

Solihull is home to Britain’s seventh largest airport, Birmingham Airport. This makes it ideal for making a quick getaway to the sun.

Birmingham Airport offers facilities to support passengers with mobility requirements through the airport.

This needs to be booked in advance by contacting OCS - the provider of special assistance facilities at the airport:

Recognising the daunting experience that travelling through an airport can be for someone with restricted mobility, further assistance is also available with: