Recovery at home with Solihull Reablement Service

If you are in poor physical health, are recovering from being sick or have had a recent stay in hospital, the Solihull Reablement Service may be able to provide you with short term and intensive support.

This assistance and rehabilitation can help you get back on your feet, learn skills for the first time, develop skills you already have, boost your confidence and help you become independent.

The Solihull Reablement Service is available seven days a week between 7.00am and 7.30pm and is delivered by Solihull Council and other partners on behalf of the Council.

The Solihull Reablement Service

Reablement is a short period of rehabilitation which usually takes place in your own home. It is provided by a team of social care workers and occupational therapists.

You may only need reablement for a small amount of time, perhaps two or three weeks and there needs to be clear achievable benefits for you in order to qualify for the service.

For more information about Solihull Reablement Service you can download our leaflet.

Your reablement assessment

You can refer yourself to our Reablement service by:

You can also be referred to the service by your carer, a health practitioner, social worker or family member.

To ensure you get the right level of assistance that you need, Solihull Council Adult Social Care team will conduct a reablement assessment.

The assessment process will also discuss what support is available and how it can be provided.

Your recovery

Following your assessment with a professional member of staff, a care and support plan will be drawn up to meet your individual needs.

This will typically include a programme of short and intensive work to help you recover and become independent back in your home.

We’ll also discuss if you could benefit from any equipment such as walking aids, grab rails and perching stools.

A short term action plan will be agreed that will support you to do more for yourself and regain your independence.

Care and support after a hospital stay

The Solihull Reablement Service may also be useful for you or the person you provide care for after a stay in hospital or period of illness. If you are leaving hospital after treatment or illness your medical team may already know that you are likely to need help before you get your hospital discharge.

In other cases, your need for help may not be clear until you have been discharged from hospital and are already at home. The NHS provides advice about being discharged from hospital and the care you can expect to receive.

Ongoing care and support

If it becomes clear that ongoing social care, NHS support or other help is required, a further assessment followed by a long term care and support plan will be put in place.

If you are deaf, deafened or are hard of hearing, BID Services Solihull can also provide additional support and help if needed.

Check the quality of the service

To ensure that fundamental standards of quality and safety are being met by the Solihull Reablement Service it is inspected by the Care Quality Commission, which is also known as CQC.

It is a legal requirement to display the ratings from the last inspection online.

When the last inspection was completed the service was known as Bluebell Centre and was rated as Good: