Change of address

Whether you're moving in, out or within Solihull it's important to let us know.

You should only let us know you're moving if:

  • there is less than 1 month until you move
  • you have exchanged contracts or;
  • received a tenancy end and start date

If you've moved recently don't forget to register to vote.

Moving out of or within Solihull

If you are moving from one Solihull address to another or moving out of Solihull altogether, please complete the following form.

Moving out of or within

Moving to Solihull

If you do not currently live within Solihull and are moving into the Borough, please complete the following online form.

Moving to

If you're new to the area our moving home page can make things easier by bringing together key services you need to access.

After you've let us know

Once we’ve received your details we’ll update your council tax account. We’ll only contact you if we require further information.

You’ll receive an amended council tax bill(s) at your address in due course.

If you’re due a refund this will be forwarded by cheque or paid directly into your bank account if you have previously paid by direct debit.

Should you have any further queries you can contact us by:

Council Tax account. Follow link to register

Live Chat

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