LINCS (Local Integrated Needs-led Coordinated Support)

LINCS can help you support children and young people before they reach crisis point. It is a way of giving support early to prevent problems later on. LINCS brings the different agencies who are involved with a child together so they can share information. LINCS can be used whenever you have concerns about a child, and their needs cannot be met by a single agency.

Evidence shows that 9 out of 10 children and young people supported through LINCS experience improved outcomes as a result.

LINCS incorporates:

  • Common Assessment Framework (CAF)
  • Lead Person (LP, also known as Lead Professional or Lead Practitioner)


See our LINCS FAQ.

CAF and LINCS forms

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What are the benefits for practitioners?

  • CAFs are leading to better outcomes at lower cost
  • the CAF process is cost effective
  • the CAF process makes an important contribution to schools in tackling barriers to learning (for example behaviour and attendance)
  • brings key agencies together – you do not have to do everything yourself
  • CAF's save time
  • improves communications between practitioners
  • promotes structure and accountability when involving other agencies
  • promotes best practice in family support

The Local Authority Research Consortium (LARC3) have prepared a report on the CAF process and its cost effectiveness (March 2011).

Practitioner case studies

Below case studies and quotes demonstrate how practitioners from diverse sectors in the children and young people's workforce are using LINCS. They clearly show how LINCS is helping them make a difference to the lives of the children and young people they work with.


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Help and support to use LINCS

The LINCS Support Team can also provide you with free training and support, this support is free but can only continue for a limited period.

Please telephone 0121 788 4334 for more information.