Threshold Criteria for Statutory Education, Health and Care Assessment

The code of practice 2015 provides detailed guidance about the statutory assessment process. Our threshold criteria set out how we determine that it is appropriate and necessary to undertake this process.

In summary the special educational and disability needs of the majority of children and young people can be met within mainstream provision. In order to support this there is a graduated approach within Schools for all young people with SEND.

For most children this will be sufficient to support them and they will not require an EHCP. If this graduated approach to providing support and meeting the needs of children and young people with SEND is not sufficient to support their academic progress an EHCP assessment may then be required.

A statutory assessment panel takes place weekly to consider requests for an EHCP assessment. The panel considers all of the parental and professional information in order to decide whether an assessment is necessary. If the panel decide an assessment is not necessary they will detail any additional support required within the Schools resources or through reasonable adjustment. This is detailed in a letter to parents and the School.

Read the Solihull threshold criteria for Statutory Assessment.