Council Tax - Homes for Ukraine Scheme

If you are providing a home to people fleeing Ukraine

If you have offered your home to people fleeing Ukraine, you should contact us at

We'll check if you are eligible for a council tax discount.

The government is offering a £350 monthly payment to anyone who provides a home or spare room(s) to a Ukrainian national to live in for six months or more under its Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Eligible Ukrainian nationals will be granted a visa so they can live, work and claim benefits in the UK for the next three years.

The government has recently passed regulations to protect council tax payers whose bills might have increased as a result of helping out under the scheme.

Council tax discounts and exemptions

Solihull Council will disregard relevant Ukrainian persons when:

  • counting the number of adults living in a property, which protects any of your current discounts
  • assessing whether properties are exempt from council tax under exemption classes B, D, E, F, H, I, J, K, L, Q and T

Changes have also been made to the definitions of exemption classes N, S and U to include anyone who is occupying under this scheme.

You can check what the exemption classes mean.

Second homes and annexes

If a second home, or an annexe to a main property, is occupied by relevant Ukrainian persons, they will be disregarded when calculating the bill, leaving 50% to pay.

The law requires us to issue such bills in the name of the occupiers, but those providing the accommodation will in many cases wish to make the payment on their behalf.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

You must contact us if you:

  • are a sponsor providing a home for Ukrainian nationals
  • receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction
  • receive the £350 monthly ‘thank you’ payment

To get in touch please email

Hosting a Ukrainian family will not affect your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction.