Report a crime

If you are a victim of crime or suspect a crime has taken place you should always report it.

Combating hate crime

The Safer Solihull Partnership is determined to help people who are suffer as a result of a hate incident. We understand that you may feel nervous about reporting it but we can help. By working with other agencies and local communities we aim to eliminate hate crimes and encourage people to report them.

Combating mate crime

Mate crime is hate crime which is done by someone you know. Mate crime is a criminal offence and it’s where someone is usually targeted because they are disabled or different.

Mate crime can also be committed by someone who should be looking after you, such as a healthcare worker or home help assistant.

Combating modern slavery

Modern slavery takes many forms including:

  • child trafficking - being moved around the UK and forced into a life of crime and abuse
  • criminal exploitation - being forced into committing illegal acts such as pick-pocketing or growing cannabis
  • forced labour - having to work long hours for little or no pay

Our Modern Slavery Statement commits our intention to combat modern slavery within Solihull.

What can you do?

To report an incident to West Midlands Police call 101 or if it's an emergency dial 999.

You can also report crime completely anonymously at Crimestoppers.

We've set up independent reporting centres for anyone to come forward and report incidents of hate crime. The centres help victims and witnesses of crime to talk to someone in a safe place.

What you say in the centres are strictly confidential and you can report an incident without speaking to the police. Trainer members of staff are hand to provide you with advice and can refer you to support services if you need any extra help.

Hate Crime Reporting Centres

You can report hate crime at your local reporting centre.

Age UK

Bromford Group

Citizens Advice Solihull

Solihull Action Through Advocacy

Solihull Community Housing

Solihull Connect

St Augustine's Catholic Church Hall

You+ Centre

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