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Smarter bins swallow ten times the rubbish

Solihull Council has installed 11 brand new solar powered street bins that can store up to ten times more litter than a regular bin.

The solar powered bins, which have been installed as part of a six month trial, use the sun’s energy to compact litter allowing them to hold far more rubbish than a conventional bin. The sensors on the solar bins alert the Council’s waste operatives when they are getting full  allowing them to plan collection routes more efficiently.

Councillor Ken Hawkins, cabinet member for Environment & Highways, said:

“These solar powered bins deliver big benefits to residents, visitors and the Council. The increased capacity bins can help keep our open spaces clean, while the technology inside the bins can help save the Council money.

“The pilot will influence on-going improvements to our street cleansing services that will benefit all our residents and visitors.

“The fact that they are individually solar powered means that they are easy to install and can aid in our planning towards Solihull’s low carbon future.”

The new solar powered bins can be found in three locations across the borough – with four bins in Malvern Park, five bins in Shirley Park, and two bins on the town centre’s high street.

The bins have been loaned out on a temporary basis during the trial period but if they prove successful the Council will consider whether to invest in making them permanent.

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