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Encouraging electric vehicle take up

Solihull Councillors will discuss how to encourage Electric Vehicle usage in the borough, when members of the Economic Development and Managed Scrutiny Board receive a report on the development of the Solihull Electric Vehicle Strategy on 11 September.

The Council recognises that road transport is the main source of harmful air pollution and carbon emissions in Solihull. Eliminating these harmful impacts from transport is therefore a key priority for the council.

Solihull Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Planning and Housing, Cllr Andy Mackiewicz said:

“We have a number of initiatives which involve encouraging people to leave their cars at home and use public transport or walk or cycle to get around the borough. However we also know that for many people that isn’t an option so we also want to do as much as possible to support people to swap their petrol or diesel cars for electric vehicles. They will still produce some particulate matter, however it offers us the chance to significantly reduce pollution.

“The draft Electric Vehicle Strategy identifies and addresses the many barriers people face when they consider making that change. In particular it looks at issues with charging infrastructure, how we can support taxis and private hire vehicles, how we can change people’s perceptions of electric vehicles and what support we can give through planning and regulations. I look forward to seeing the Electric Vehicle Strategy progress.

“Alongside this, Solihull Council has recently purchased three more electric vehicles for staff to use for Council business. This will give staff some experience of electric vehicles and will go some way to improving air quality and reducing carbon emission as they carry out their work. It will also result in lower running costs for the Council fleet, giving value for money to residents.”


The Solihull Electric Vehicle Strategy will be discussed at Economic Development and Managed Scrutiny Board on 11 September at 6pm. To see the report visit -


Picture shows Cllr Andy Mackiewicz at the wheel of one of the new electric vehicles

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