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How Covid-19 is affecting care and support for adults

Update: Tuesday 30 June 2020.  Solihull Council has returned to full compliance with the Care Act 2014.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created additional demand for care and support services in Solihull as a result of its impact on the people we support and because many staff are unable to work at present.  Working practices have had to change significantly as a result. Our social care services are also taking into account new national guidance, for example, relating to social distancing.

We want to minimise the impact to the people we support as much as possible. Most care and support services continue.  However, because we want to make sure we continue to support those who most need it, we have made changes and reduced support for some people. We have contacted the people affected individually before making any changes and have worked with them and their families to help find alternative arrangements, including making use of support from the voluntary and community sector.  We are monitoring the situation closely and regularly so that full service can be restored as soon as is reasonably possible. 

To make these changes, Solihull Council has taken the decision to use new legislation, known as Care Act easements.  Read more about the new legislation here.

If you have any questions about your support please get in touch with us.  You can email Adult Social Care  or ring us on 0121 704 8007.

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