Responsible cycling in Solihull

It’s great that people are enjoying cycling in Solihull more than ever before, but it is important to keep safe.

Responsible cycling - the essentials

Wearing a helmet and the right clothing is important when cycling, but there is much more you can do to stay safe by:

  • fitting and using a bell
  • wearing a securely fitting and strapped helmet conforming to BS EN 1078:1997
  • wearing appropriate clothing that helps you to be seen at night and day
  • using lights and reflectors
  • not listening to music
  • not using a mobile phone
  • being cautious and aware of others on shared paths
  • using a well packed and appropriate backpack

Responsible cycling on the road and cycle paths

When using the roads though, it is essential that you know the Highway Code and take even greater precaution by:

  • using cycle routes wherever possible
  • not using the pavements
  • staying alert at all times
  • riding positively and confidently
  • making eye contact with drivers
  • acknowledging courteous driving
  • anticipating driver actions
  • riding clear of the kerb
  • riding clear of parked vehicles
  • being aware of pedestrians
  • taking care to look, signal, manoeuvre
  • being prepared to stop
  • reporting accidents


Developed by over 20 professional organisations, including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), Bikeability training for children teaches the necessary skills to stay safe on their bike. For more information visit our road safety training in schools page.