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We have recently carried out a large volume scanning project for planning applications between 2000 - 2006 inclusive. We are now able to provide information for planning applications during this period, please email with your request.

Our Public Access system contains a record of all planning applications we've received since 1947 as well as Building Regulation applications. Using Public Access you can comment on a proposed planning application and track any proposals you may be interested in.

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If you need any help with Public Access we've prepared a User Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you require any further information about our Public Access system please take a moment to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Making a comment online

As a security measure Public Access will ‘time out’ after 30 minutes. You may wish to compose and save your comments in another application such as Word or Notepad and then paste these comments into the Comment box on Public Access. This ensures the process is completed quickly and reduces the likelihood of your comments being lost.

We recommend you use Internet Explorer 11 when using Public Access.

As we do not publish public comments on our website, the system will show that no comments have been received. If you would like further details on how many comments have been received for a particular application please call 0121 704 8008.

Planning Committee

Significant proposals will often be determined at planning committee, which is held every 4 weeks. The meeting is open to members of the public, however if you wish to speak at the committee, you will need to pre-register. We write to anyone who has made a formal comment on an application which is to be heard at the committee, further guidance on how to speak at committee will be contained within your notification letter.

Before the meeting you can view the agenda and a copy of the report into the application plus the recommendation.

Applications recommended for approval will have a list of condition reference numbers attached. Our Condition List can be used to look up which conditions are proposed.

We also Webcast all our planning committees live and you can watch previous committee meetings.

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