Street entertainment in Solihull Town Centre

Registering to use the entertainment spots in Solihull

To register as a street entertainer, or to use a designated entertainment spot, you will need to complete our online Street Entertainment Registration form as well as providing some additional documentation to verify yourself and your activity.

You can also download our Street Entertainment Registration form and email it to with your supporting documentation.

We need to receive your application form and any documentation at least 20 working days before the date you want to start.

Your registration will be valid for two years.

Booking an entertainment spot in Solihull

We welcome enquiries from street entertainers who would like to perform in Solihull Town Centre.

We have three bookable locations which you can use from 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday.  There are no spots available on a Tuesday morning. Sometimes there may be other town centre events and markets scheduled. Spots which cannot be booked will be indicated.

Some slots are available without the need to book.  However we cannot guarantee that these slots will not already be in use when you turn up.  (Entertainment spot 1 is from 2.30pm to 4.30pm on Sunday).

Map of locations

Slots are available for up two hours.  A maximum of two slots can be booked in any one day and ten slots in any one week depending on availability.

To book a spot, please either:

Current availability

Please check our calendars to view the latest information on the availability of entertainment spots.

Entertainment spot 1

Entertainment spot 2

Entertainment spot 3

Advice for street entertainers

  • No other places in Solihull are designated as bookable street entertainment pitches.
  • Permission, if granted, does not allow the sale of goods or services, or collection of money for charity.
  • If you intend to sell items or raise funds for charity you will need consent from the licensing team. Apply for Street trading consent.
  • The council reserves the right to refuse permission for any performance or activity that may be considered as controversial or likely to cause offence to residents due to religious, political, moral or other significant reasons.

View our terms of use and code of conduct for further information.

Contact Us:

We aim to process registration forms within twenty working days.

We aim to process booking requests and forms within five working days.

If we have not contacted you within the periods above, please get in touch with us by emailing