Your future Solihull

Take a look at the Net Zero Annual Report 2022/2023 to see the progress Solihull has made towards net zero emissions so far.

What is Your Future Solihull? 

'Your Future Solihull' is the Council's climate change and sustainability campaign. 

Councillor Ian Courts, Leader of Solihull Council, captures its essence: “Our vision for the future of Solihull is to make sure we are one of the most sustainable, prosperous and inclusive places in the country, helping to lead the fight against climate change. We see the transition to a low-carbon economy as a huge opportunity for the West Midlands region when it comes to new jobs and growth, not to mention a multitude of associated environmental and wellbeing benefits. However, in order to reach our ambitious target of becoming a net zero carbon emission borough by 2041 we need your help. Together, we all need to adapt our lifestyles and behaviours wherever possible to live more sustainably.”

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