Privacy Notice - Elective Home Education (EHE)

Nature of work

The Elective Home Education Team has a duty to find out, so far as possible, whether home educated children are receiving suitable, full-time education.

In addition to providing support for home educating families, we support parents to make sure that every child is receiving a suitable education. To do this, we’ll get in touch with EHE families on an annual basis to informally discuss the education being provided at home. This is usually by requesting a meeting, phone call, video call or a written overview.

On rare occasions, when an education is found to be unsuitable, the team will support families through practical suggestions and ideas until the education is suitable for the child and meets requirements.

Why we need your information

We will use your personal information for a limited number of purposes and always in line with our responsibilities, where there is a legal basis and your rights under Data Protection Legislation.

We will use your personal information:

  • for the purpose for which you provided the information, e.g. to maintain a statutory record of children in Solihull who are known to be home educated;
  • to enable us to communicate with you and provide the services you need or are entitled to;
  • to provide advice and guidance to home educating families;
  • to inform families about how to access services and support from other agencies that would generally be delivered via school;
  • to advise and support families who request support with returning children to school or identifying a school place;
  • to make arrangements to establish the identities of children who are not registered at a school and are not receiving a suitable education otherwise
  • to monitor our performance in providing services to you; to gather statistical information to allow us to plan future provision of services and to obtain your opinion about our services;
  • to meet various legal requirements;
  • to enable us to perform statutory functions for data gathering and data returns as outlined by Central Government;
  • where it is necessary to protect individuals from harm or injury, particularly in relation to safeguarding children;
  • where it is permitted under Data Protection legislation, for example, to comply with legal obligations.

We aim to always keep your information accurate and up to date. 

You can help us to do this at any time by letting us know if any of the information you have given us changes, such as your address or contact details.

Type/Classes of information processed

In the course of supporting elective home education, and our duty to take action if we believe a child is not receiving suitable education, we collect the following personal information when you provide it to us:

  • personal details (such as name, gender, age, date of birth, address, contact details etc.);
  • special category characteristics (such as special educational needs, race, ethnicity or religion);
  • educational history (such as any schools previously attended and attendance, attainment and exclusion information);
  • details of involvement with other council services such as Attendance, Safeguarding, Early Help, Social Care, Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities);
  • EHE History (communication with families, visit/contact reports and evidence of suitable education).

We also obtain personal information from other sources including personal details, characteristics, educational history and professional involvement, from previously attended schools, NHS, other local authorities and other Solihull Council departments.

Who information is processed about

The classes of personal information we process include:

  • Children and young people of compulsory school age who are being home educated;
  • 16-18 year olds who remain in education through being home educated;
  • Those up to the age of 25 who, in accordance with their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) are educated at home;
  • Family members and others involved with home education.

Who information may be shared with

Where necessary or required we share information with:

  • Family members, associates or representatives of the person whose personal data we are processing;
  • Other departments within Solihull Council working to improve outcomes for children and young people e.g. SEND 0-25 Service, Children’s Safeguarding;
  • commissioned providers of local authority services (such as education services);
  • educational establishments, such as the child/young person’s previous school, where applicable;
  • schools and In-Year Fair Access panels (FAP), when a school place is required at the request of the parent or when a suitable education is not being provided and a school needs to be identified for the purpose of a School Attendance Order;
  • post-16 education and training providers;
  • partner organisations signed up to information sharing agreements, where necessary, which may include NHS health visitors, midwives, doctors and mental health workers;
  • Department for Education, and other government departments, as required;
  • We will share personal information with Law Enforcement Agencies where required.

How long we will keep your information

Your information is retained securely from the date of birth of the child + 25 years.

Transfers overseas

Information is not transferred overseas.

Contact details

Elective Home Education Team

5th Floor, East Wing, Council House

Manor Square

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

B91 3QB