Privacy Notice - Solihull Education Improvement Service

Nature of work

The Solihull Education Improvement Service roles include:

  • Education Safeguarding
  • School complaints
  • Registration of Early Career Teachers (ECT)
  • Early Years monitoring
  • Elective Home Education
  • Governor Services

We deliver, monitor and analyse safeguarding awareness training to schools and settings.

We also provide information to families, the wider community, schools, Ofsted and MPs regarding school complaints.

We act as the authorised body for the registration and induction of Early Career Teachers (ECTs).

We carry out and record visits to Early Years  and Childcare settings in Solihull; monitor quality improvement action plans with settings where Ofsted have judged them as requires improvement or inadequate. We also deliver and record training to Early Years settings.

To provide written information to families regarding Elective Home Education; maintain list of children that we know are home educated and intervene if parents are not providing a suitable education.

Solihull Governor Services operates as a traded service for maintained schools and academies. As well as fulfilling our statutory duties on behalf of the local authority, our aim is to promote and strengthen the relationships between the local authority and governors and assist governors and clerks in their roles within the governing board.

We provide information for governors and clerks to enable them to carry out their functions effectively. This service is also provided to all academies and independent schools who purchase our service package. We make and maintain instruments of governance (constitutions) for maintained schools and provide advice on school constitutional issues. We arrange local authority governor appointments and provide advice on governor/appointment procedures and recruitment strategies.

Why we need your information

In order to keep children as safe as possible we ensure that schools have received the minimum statutory safeguarding training.

To ensure that families are able to make use of the complaints procedure we provide information about the complaints process. We also provide general information to the wider community, schools, Ofsted and MP’s regarding school complaints.

In order to support the training of new teachers, schools can use Solihull as the appropriate body to register Early Career Teachers (ECT) for induction with the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA).

To ensure children receive the best possible provision we maintain an overview of the quality of early years and childcare settings; we also make use of Ofsted information and monitor staff training registers.

We provide written information to families regarding Elective Home Education (EHE) and keep a list of children that we know are home educated. We can also intervene if parents/carers are not providing a suitable education.

It is a legal requirement for the local authority to hold details of governors in maintained schools. We maintain a range of contact details and other records to facilitate the relationship between the local authority and governing bodies.

Type/Classes of information processed

Where relevant we process a variety of information relating to individuals including:

  • School details
  • Provider/school staff details
  • Pupil details
  • Family details
  • Details of Complaint and action taken
  • Personal details (ECT)
  • Information from other agencies (internal or external)
  • Details of previous schools attended (if any)
  • Details of education (EHE) being provided
  • GovernorHub

We use GovernorHub in order to fulfil our duties and facilitate our work with governing boards. GovernorHub is a secure, cloud-based tool that provides online resources aimed at school governors. The personal data is collected, processed and stored by the administrator (usually the clerk) on the school’s governing board and shared with Governor Services. The identifiable data includes: names and email addresses; any information the school governor chooses to provide, such as address, phone number, date of birth, ethnicity, DBS information; the school at which governors are registered as a governor on GovernorHub; what type of governor; the dates and terms of office; the role of the governing body; Declarations of Interest; training records. Governors may choose to add additional information to their records such as address, phone number and date of birth. They can decide who within the boards are privy to this information.

Who information is processed about

We process information about:

  • Child/Young person
  • Family
  • Provider/school staff
  • ECT applicant
  • Governors and associate members
  • Clerks/governance professionals

Who information may be shared with

Where necessary or required we share information with:

  • Local Authority staff (in order to address specific complaint)
  • School
  • Ofsted (as required)
  • Local MP (as required)
  • ECT applicant
  • Early Years and childcare setting
  • Family
  • Internal or external agencies
  • Other Local Authority
  • Governor Services – internal services (e.g. Audit, Human Resources)

How long we will keep your information

Course Duration
Training Details Retained for 1 year
Information relating to complaints and NQT applications 6 years
Pathways to Registration/Childminder Briefings (Not proceeding to registration) Current year + 1 year
Ofsted Registered Childcare Provider case file Current year + 6 years
Ofsted Registered Childcare Provider Core Information Date of de-registration + 25 years
Ofsted Registered Childcare Provider Records - Visit Reports Current year + 6 years
Records relating to pupils receiving EHE Until the Subject is aged 35.
Governor Services Details retained for duration of tenure

Transfers Overseas

Not applicable for most.

GovernorHub’s group companies are currently all located within the UK and their internal servers are there also, or within the EEA.