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Solihull’s Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan

These are exciting times for the borough. Already one of the best-connected destinations in Europe, Solihull is perfectly positioned to benefit from significant new investment in our transport network, bringing with it benefits to our economy, environment and health.

Solihull Council has embarked on a strategy of ‘managed growth’ through the promotion of ‘UK Central’. This plan brings together all of the economic assets of the borough including regional business parks, town centres, Jaguar Land Rover, the Airport, future HS2 and the NEC. The Council is determined to make this vision of ‘managed growth’ a reality.

It is hugely important for us to clearly make the case for investment and demonstrate how we will manage growth in a sustainable way, working along side the West Midlands Combined Authority. We need to have a clear transport strategy for the arrival of HS2 and future development opportunities.

As the first station north of London, HS2 will highlight the need for more investment in Solihull’s local transport network. The Council is keen to capitalise on this prominence to secure improvements across the borough. The ambition behind Solihull Connected is to plan for balanced investment in transport infrastructure that still caters for cars, while emphasising alternatives.

The strategy represents our policy position on transport investment and was adopted in 2016 following a six-month period of consultation and discussion on the Solihull Connected Green Paper. During this time there was excellent engagement with the public and stakeholders who endorsed an overall vision for transport.

The strategy is accompanied by a detailed Delivery Plan which sets out our key investment priority areas including: enabling the HS2 Growth Strategy and Local Plan Review, connecting UKC growth centres, supporting access to business parks and housing sites, promoting a transformation in public transport, cycling improvements, increasing road network reliability and resilience and creating innovative local community transport initiatives.

The Delivery Plan will be used as the basis for attracting funding and it will be reviewed every 6 months.

Solihull Connected Delivery Plan

Solihull Connected Transport Strategy

Solihull Connected Consultation Report

Solihull Connected Green Paper

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Solihull Connected 2023 Consultation

A lot of changes have taken place since the strategy was originally adopted in 2016, including significant shifts in many of our travel patterns and behaviours. To ensure our strategy remains responsive to the needs of the borough, now and into the future, a refreshed draft has been produced.

We are currently consulting on Solihull Connected 2023.

The consultation will run for six weeks from Monday 9 January 2023 until Monday 20 February 2023 and will be delivered over the Council’s new engagement platform ‘Your Voice Solihull.

To view the updated draft strategy and take part in the consultation visit: