Strategies - Housing

Housing Strategy

The Council has adopted a Housing Strategy covering the period 2023 to 2032.

Our Housing Strategy vision is that ‘Everyone in the Borough is able to access housing at the point of need and has opportunities to create sustainable homes in thriving communities’. The Strategy set out the challenges in realising this vision and our ambitions across a broad range of areas.

The Housing Strategy is also accompanied by an Implementation Plan which sets out how key priorities will be delivered. 

We encourage feedback on the Strategy and the Implementation Plan. This can be provided to

Supporting documents

The strategy is support by our:

Energy efficiency

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Access to Housing

These policies set objectives for us and our partner agencies to ensure that more people get the opportunity to live in good quality housing of their choice, with the support they need to prevent homelessness and provide a quality response to those affected by homelessness:

Homelessness strategy