Copy certificates

Apply for a copy certificate for a birth, marriage, civil partnership or death that was registered in Solihull.

Apply online

When you apply for a copy certificate online you'll be asked to create a customer account so that you can be kept up to date with the progress of your request.

If you are adopted you should apply directly to the General Register Office (GRO).

Copy birth certificate

Copy death certificate

Copy marriage or civil partnership certificate

Fees and how long it will take

The cost of a certificate is £11.

Your certificate will be posted by second class post, please allow up to three weeks for processing and postage.

We are not liable for any certificates that are delayed or lost in the post. If your posted certificate does not arrive you will be required to purchase a replacement.

What information do I need to provide?

  • the type of certificate you are seeking: birth, marriage, civil partnership or death
  • the name or names the certificate applies to
  • the date of the event (If the actual year is unknown we can search up to two years either side of the year provided)
  • the place of the event (Solihull has more than 50 places where people can have a civil marriage/partnership, therefore it is not always possible to search all registers where the place is not specified)
  • any other relevant information that may help us to locate the certificate

Corrections following initial Registration

Sometimes, information on a birth, marriage or death certificate is incorrect.

The government's website gives information on how to get a birth, marriage or death certificate corrected.

Please note that only mistakes, and not changes, can be amended on original certificates, such as spelling mistakes in names. Charges for correcting a mistake on a certificate are as follows:

  • New or additional forename or forename(s) given to a child within 12 months after the registration of the birth: £40.00
  • Correction of a birth or death entry not referred to the Registrar General: £75.00
  • Correction of a birth, death or marriage entry referred to the Registrar General: £90.00