Re-registering a birth

Re-registration is the creation of a new birth entry to add the natural father's/parent's details, or amend the entry when the parents have married or formed a civil partnership after the birth.

You can only re-register a birth at Solihull Register Office if your child was born in Solihull.

If your child was born in Birmingham and you need to re-register, please contact Birmingham Register Office direct on 0121 675 1000.

Is there a fee?

There is no charge for re-registration, but the usual fee of £11 is charged for any new birth certificates requested.

How do I re-register?

If you were not married to the child’s father at the time of the birth and have later married each other, you are required by law to re-register your child. This will record your child as a child of the marriage.

Download form to apply for re-registration following parents marriage

If the child’s parents are not married to each other, and the father was not included in the original entry, it is possible to re-register the birth to include the natural father’s details. The new birth record will replace the original one.

Download form to apply to add father’s details to the birth record

Although this is not a re-registration the law allows that, if in the first 12 months of your child’s life you decide to give your child a different or additional forename, this can be amended using the relevant form for a non-refundable fee of £40.

There are two types of form for this purpose:

Download form certificate of name given in baptism

Download form certificate of name not given in baptism

Once we've received your completed form we'll contact you to obtain the required fee.

Where to send your application

Once completed your application needs to be

posted to:

Solihull Connect at The Core

Theatre Square


B91 3RG