Religious ceremonies

Religious ceremonies can take place in a church, chapel or other building of worship which has been formally registered for marriage ceremonies. The service is conducted by the minister in accordance with the religious rites and ceremonies of the premises.

Church of England

If you wish to marry in your local parish church (or in another Church of England church) please contact the local vicar or parish administrator for further information.

If the incumbent is able to marry you, he/she will arrange for the Banns to be called or for a Common Licence to be issued. The marriage will also be registered by the incumbent. If the Register Office needs to be involved, the vicar will let you know.

Other Places of Religious Worship

If you plan to marry by religious ceremony other than in the Church of England in Solihull you will need to:

  • contact the person in charge of marriages at the building
  • either live in the same district as the church or religious building or arrange to marry in the religious building where you worship
  • check with the minister to see if a registrar is required
  • give formal notice to the superintendent registrar at your local register office

This information is a general guide only. For marriages outside England or Wales, or marriages of people with special needs or requirements, contact us for advice.