Beat scams

Scams take many forms and they change frequently. They are designed to part victims from their money or personal details. They can be very subtle but this is organised crime.

Examples include;

  • mail scams - clairvoyants, lotteries, fake charities
  • online/email scams - subscription traps (free trials), fake websites
  • telephone scams - bank accounts, investments, pensions, computer viruses
  • doorstep scams - distraction burglary, bogus workmen, fake charities

Action you can take

Friends against scams logo

Talk to family and friends to raise awareness of scams and prevent financial harm.

Report it and help prevent others from falling victim.

The National Scams Team offer great support and information materials, and ask that you pledge to act upon scams by registering as a Friend against Scams.

For further advice and support you can also contact Citizens Advice Direct on 0808 250 5050.