Local Offer - The Autism Team

The Autism Team are  part of the Specialist Inclusion Support Service (SISS). We are all experienced practitioners, with a specialism in autism and experience of working with children of all ages in both mainstream and specialist settings.

The team comprises of a Team Co-ordinator, a Lead Professional, two full time specialist teachers and 2 part time specialist teachers. The team also has the support of five Inclusion Support Practitioners (ISPs).

What do we do?

We are an educational advisory service. We provide advice and support for children and young people who have a diagnosis of autism. When a child or young person received their diagnosis of autism a referral to the Autism Team will be agreed with parents. The Team offer a range of support dependent on a child’s needs at any particular time.

We provide support for settings and families in the Early Years.  We support children transitioning into school settings offering support and advice for SENCO’s, Autism Leads, and wider school staff, to develop autism friendly approaches and environments.   We do direct work with children who have higher needs, schools and settings access this service through completing a Request for Support form.

Our Inclusion Support Practitioners work directly with individual pupils or small groups on autism Specialist interventions identified through discussions from school/parents and observations over time. Their work is under the direction of a specialist teacher.

Parent Support 

The Autism Team hold termly coffee mornings within local schools where we invite a range of professionals and local support groups. Parents are able to drop into these events to meet members of the Autism Team and other organisations for an informal chat.

Specialist Teachers also attend regularly held coffee mornings at individual schools organised by the school SENCO.

In addition we offer parent meetings each term, which can be booked through your school SENCO, if you still have queries regarding your child and their Autism.

Make a SISS referral

Exclusion and autistic pupils - guides for schools, governing bodies and parents

Autism Intense Monitoring Team

The focus of the Autism Intense Monitoring Team is to maintain school placements, support transitions in and out of settings, or to support pupils who are currently out of setting back into an appropriate setting. The AIM Team offers two additional elements of support.

Autism Intense Monitoring pathway

Element 1 (AIM Education)

Element 1 is to support pupils with a diagnosis of autism who are on a significantly reduced timetable or at risk of placement breakdown, who have had support from the schools autism specialist teacher who has initiated the AIM support.

The focus of support is to keep the child or young person in setting, to either reintegrate fully back into setting or to support transition into another appropriate setting that has been identified through a Team around the Child meeting and has been agreed at the Local Authority Panel.


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